Deshaun Watson’s Longtime Masseuse Defends Watson And Says He Never Asked Her For Sexual Favors

Massage therapist Jasmine Brooks has found herself in the middle of the Deshaun Watson sexual assault lawsuit.

Last week, Brooks wrote a letter defending Watson saying that he never made her feel uncomfortable in the two years she worked with him.

Lawyer Tony Buzbee countered by sharing a DM that shows Brooks saying Watson was “messing with too many people” and he needed to be careful because “his name is getting around.”

On Friday, Brooks conducted an interview on a local Houston news station to once again defend Watson by saying he never asked her for sexual favors.

“Deshaun Watson has never asked me for any sexual favors,” “He’s never harassed me. He’s never coerced me into anything at all. He’s always been super quiet. The only conversations we’ve ever had, I’m usually the one initiating the conversation. I feel like I’ve been working on him for so long and I still don’t even really know too much about Deshaun, really, because he hardly talks.”

As for the DM in question, Brooks clarified that she wasn’t comfortable with Watson working with so many different massage therapists and she said she even had a conversation warning him about working with people he didn’t know.


Really, what I meant was, is Deshaun is working with a lot of people, he’s working with a lot of therapists, and I don’t know those people, I don’t know what they’re doing with him and I just wasn’t comfortable with continuing my work with him,” Brooks told Cannon.

She also told the friend “I even told his a—he needed to be careful Bc his name is getting around.”

Brooks said she was referring to “some sort of personal relationship” with an esthetician that Watson spoke to her about.

“Me speaking with Deshaun and telling him to be careful was because I feel like he doesn’t know the intentions of some of these people that he works with, ya know, his personal information has been put on Instagram and I didn’t feel like it was safe for him, for him in his career to, you know, kind of go to anybody,” Brooks explained.

“I don’t see Deshaun as being an aggressor of any sort and I know they’re throwing this word “predator” around. I don’t see him as a predator of any kind,” Brooks said. “He’s always been professional with me.”

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