Knicks, Pistons Make Another Big Trade And Fans Are Left Praising One While Hammering The Other

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Stop us if you’ve heard this obe before. The New York Knicks are doing everything possible to sign impending free agent Jalen Brunson.

That includes shedding salary in order to make the former Dallas Mavericks guard an absolutely monster contract offer. New York started that process on draft night, trading away the No. 11 overall pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They then also traded away guard Kemba Walker in a deal that involved No. 13 overall selection Jalen Duren going to the Detroit Pistons, while New York acquired the Bucks’ 2025 first-round pick via the Pistons.

Now, the two teams are trading partners yet again.

Knicks Ship Noel, Burks To Detroit

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, New York is trading backup center Nerlens Noel and bench guard Alec Burks to Detroit. The Knicks are also sending the Pistons two second-round picks and $6M in exchange for nothing more than cap space.

The move does nothing more than clear more cap space for New York to throw at Brunson. Detroit adds even more bench depth for no real cost.

The two fan bases have very different views of the directions their teams are heading. Detroit fans love what GM Troy Weaver is doing in the offseason.

Knicks fans, on the other hand, are apoplectic.

For the second time in as many weeks, Detroit seems to have fleeced New York. And for better or worse, the Knicks continue to be entertaining.