The New York Knicks Traded Away A Lottery Pick For Nothing And Nobody Seems To Understand How Or Why

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  • The New York Knicks traded away the No. 11 pick in the NBA Draft.
  • They then acquired No. 13 pick Jalen Duren from the Charlotte Hornets before trading him away for seemingly nothing.
  • Basketball fans are extremely confused by the move.

What are the New York Knicks doing?!

No, actually, what are they doing.

The Knicks had basketball Twitter absolutely baffled Thursday night during the NBA Draft.

The confusion began when New York traded away the No. 11 overall pick, France’s Ousmane Dieng, to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Many assumed the Knicks would receive Oklahoma City’s No. 12 overall pick as part of the deal. Instead, New York received a package of future picks that has yet to be disclosed.

But that was just the start of the confusion.

The Charlotte Hornets then used picked No. 13 to take Memphis big man Jalen Duren. Though Duren was quickly on the move. Reports first broke that Duren was headed to New York City, which would be an odd fit alongside Mitchell Robinson.

But then this tweet came out.

Fans quickly deciphered that it must be a three-team trade. The Knicks appear to have acquired Duren before shipping him to Detroit alongside NBA All-Star guard Kemba Walker went out the door with him. The Pistons reportedly plan on buying out Walker.

So Detroit landed Duren. The Hornets netted a 2025 pick (that will likely be lower than No. 13 overall), and the Knicks got…nothing?


That’s an impressive move, even for the Knicks. Somebody make it all make sense.