Devlin Hodges Deletes Past Tweets Supporting Donald Trump After Steelers Name Him Starting Quarterback

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

Back in 2015, Devlin Hodges was a freshman at Samford University, a small Alabama school competing in the Southern Conference of the Football Championship Subdivision that were once home to Bobby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher.

This was long before the undersized quarterback would win the Walter Payton Award in 2018 and or break Steve McNair’s NCAA FCS career record for passing yards with 14,584.

Fast forward four years and the 23-year-old undrafted quarterback will be starting for the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. A far cry from playing in front of a few hundred fans at Samford’s Seibert Stadium.

Life comes at you fast.

After it was announced that the Steelers were benching Mason Rudolph in favor of Hodges, who Tomlin described as being “savvy” and having “moxie,” the newly-minted Steelers starter spent some time scrubbing his Twitter account of any past tweets advocating for Donald Trump.


A sad world we live in where a man feels the need to comb through his past to wipe out anything and everything that may not be politically pleasing to some.

And not to stereotype here, but I’d be willing to bet my left teste that a man who is such an avid duck hunter and duck caller that his college coach dubbed him “Duck” is politically right-leaning.

His Instagram account is peppered with photos that look like the profile photo of anyone who ever advocated for Hillary to be thrown in jail.

Devlin Hodges: Loves Trump, fucking hates ducks.


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