Dez Bryant Rants About Media Trying To ‘Destroy’ Him But Says He’s ‘Un F***ing Bothered’ By It

Dez Bryant Media Trying Destroy Him

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Dez Bryant is reportedly going to have a meeting on Friday with Jerry Jones to discuss his future with the franchise as well as talk about his contract. Bryant, who many pundits and fans have called overrated over the past couple of years, apparently is so unfazed by all of the scrutiny that he took to Twitter Thursday to express exactly how unbothered he is.

“I really been enjoying my offseason..I never in my life heard so much media try to destroy a single soul which is very sad but what is so great is I’m so un f***ing bothered 😂 #throwupthex,” wrote Bryant.

This statement by Bryant comes on the heels of the Dallas Cowboys owner saying about Dez at the NFL Annual Meeting, “We need to talk. I certainly have not had a thought about talking with him that did not anticipate him being with us.”

Jones also said that he believes “what we might get worked out with Dez gives us a good-looking receiver outlook” and that his anticipated conversation with Bryant will more than likely be about “this offseason, this coming year, his health, how he’s doing, how he feels about his conditioning, working out, all of those kinds of things.”

Ummm, might get worked out? Ruh roh.

Of course, the irony of Bryant making a point of saying how unbothered he is on Twitter, didn’t go unnoticed.

In case you didn’t get it, Dez Bryant is very unbothered by this whole situation.

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