Watch Dez Bryant Throw A Punch At A Teammate During Cowboys Training Camp

by 4 years ago


Fight! Fight! Fight! First weekend of NFL Training camp and things are already feisty for Dem Boyz. At Dallas Cowboys camp in Oxnard, California, Dez Bryant and his teammate cornerback Tyler Patmon came to blows during a drill. Check out the punches being thrown in the heat of the moment, via



They cool, tho.

Tyler Patmon said it was “just two brothers fighting” to reporters after the incident and Dez led with this statement:

“It’s two great competitors,” Bryant said. “We’re going back and forth. I was giving him a little bit of mouth, just talking a whole bunch of stuff to him. He was taking back to me, it just escalated over to the next play. At the end of the day, he wasn’t going to back down and I wasn’t going to back down. At the end of the day, you see us, we shook hands, we hugged and we respect one another.”

Good job. Hug it out.

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