Dirk Nowitzki Is Being Bullied By Everyone From His Teammates To The Ball Boys For His New Haircut

Everyone in the state of Texas is giving Dirk Nowitzki shit about his new haircut. Players, coaches, ball boys, janitorial staff, you name it. Sure, he looks like he could be in one of those cheesy 90’s haircut books you find at Supercuts with the outdated cut options, but in his defense, it kind of looks fresh, clean. And ya, it’s a haircut a total dickhead would have, with that nauseating front wave that says “leave your girlfriend around me and I will try to fuck her,” but its not like he walked into practice with a try-hard man bun. It just looks like Dirk is ready for his ninth grade yearbook picture at Bayside High.



Here’s Chandler Parsons mercilessly dogging on Dirk.

And Zaza.


Fuck ’em, Dirk. ROCK THE CUT.

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