Doc Rivers Explains Why He Left Joel Embiid In Game During Blowout After Fans Blamed Him For Embiid’s Injury

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  • Joel Embiid has been ruled out indefinitely after suffering a fractured orbital and a concussion late during a blowout win vs Raptors
  • Doc Rivers fired back at criticism for leaving in Embiid late in game while up 29 points.
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Doc Rivers is firing back at his critics over the Joel Embiid injury.

Earlier this week, Embiid fractured his orbital and suffered a concussion late in the fourth quarter of a blowout win against the Toronto Raptors when he got inadvertently elbowed by Pascal Siakam.

Fans went on to blame Rivers for the injury.

On Saturday, Rivers explained why he left Embiid late in the game vs. the Raptors after he was criticized for it.

“After Joel made the shot and did the airplane, if you watched the game, I turned and said I’m calling a timeout the next possession,” “Not upset that he was in. You can make that a big deal if you want, but just go look at every team, and every game, and their guys are in until about the three or four minute mark.”