Dodgers Veteran First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez Strangely Decides To Not Join Team In World Series

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Injured Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzales has been out for the past month with a back injury and it seems like he’s not interested in joining his team in the World Series if he’s not able to contribute. According to several reports, Gonzalez has chosen to go on vacation in Europe than to be with his teammates tonight in game 1.

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Thanks to an injury, Adrian Gonzalez was never going to be part of the World Series, but the Dodgers’ veteran first baseman has no plans to be anywhere near it anyway. As the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Shaikin notes, Gonzalez won’t be with the team as it opens the Fall Classic against the Astros on Tuesday night. Instead, he’s currently in Italy with his family on vacation.

As of now it seems like his teammates aren’t made at Gonzalez for decided to skip out of the World Series.

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Justin Turner, who occupies the locker next to Gonzalez, declined to say whether he was disappointed that Gonzalez had chosen not to bask in World Series applause.

“This is Adrian’s deal, not mine,” Turner said. “He’s a really good friend of mine. I’m proud of him and happy to be a teammate of his.

“I text him almost every day: We miss you, we want you to be here with us, you should be here enjoying this with us. But I understand.”

Seems pretty shitty of Gonzalez to not cheer for his teammates tonight in the dugout but hey, that’s his decision.

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