A Field-Invasion Proposal At A Dodgers Game Went Terribly Wrong And Resulted In A Huge Hit In Fever Pitch-Like Scene

The Movie Fever Pitch

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It’s pretty well-known to not run on the field at major sporting events. Yes, most of the time the intent of the invader is harmless or to protest for a cause, but you still can’t do it without risking serious consequences, like one man suffered at the Dodgers opener at Dodger Stadium last night.

Of course, in the movie Fever Pitch, loosely based on the book about Arsenal FC back in 1992 and adapted to the Boston Red Sox Cinderella 2004 season, Drew Barrymore’s character famously runs on the field in the 9th inning of game 4 of the ALCS to stop her love interest, played by Jimmy Fallon, to stop him from selling his Red Sox season tickets for her. We all know the rest. The Red Sox came back to win that game, overcame a 3-0 series deficit to top the Yankees in 7, and won the World Series. Meanwhile, the characters get married and have little Red Sox babies.

Great scene, but not something that is advised in real-life. For one Dodgers fan, he took that movie scene much too literally.

In last night’s season-opening Dodgers 8-2 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, one fan thought it would be quite the romantic idea of proposing to his wife from left of field Dodger Stadium.

Let’s face it, I’ve heard worse proposal ideas (though not many). If they are both die-hard Dodgers fans, it makes sense. I’ve seen plenty of proposals in the tailgate lots at my alma mater, Penn State, and they’re always well-received. The problem is, running on the field is incredibly illegal! Here’s another look at the vicious hit.

Yeah, some people on Twitter are saying the force was excessive, and yes, it was a hard hit. But, security can’t really take chances in this situation, and the rules are simple. Don’t run on the field.

There’s no word yet on whether the girl said yes, or realized her boyfriend is a major doofus who now will be banned from Dodger Stadium forever.

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