Dolphins-Jaguars Game Suspended After Serious Injury To Rookie That Left On A Stretcher


Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


The Dolphins announced that WR Daewood Davis has been released from the hospital.

He will travel home to Miami today with team personnel.

Original Story:

Saturday night’s preseason game between the Dolphins and the Jaguars was abruptly suspended following a concerning injury to Dolphins rookie wide receiver Daewood Davis.

The teams announced: “Upon mutual agreement of the teams, tonight’s preseason game between the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars has been suspended.”

The incident occurred during the late stages of the game as Davis was hit by Jaguars linebacker Dequan Jackson, made contact with Davis’ head.

The force of the collision drew an unnecessary roughness penalty against Jackson.

Davis, laid out on the field, received immediate medical attention.

Responders secured him to a backboard and gently transferred him onto a stretcher, subsequently wheeling him to a waiting ambulance for transport to Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville.


According to the Dolphins’ announcement, Davis is currently undergoing comprehensive evaluation at the medical center. Fortunately, he was conscious throughout and maintained movement in all extremities, providing a glimmer of hope amid the concerning situation.

The teams involved have expressed solidarity and concern for Davis, and the Dolphins are expected to provide updates on his condition as they become available.