Dolphins Pro-Bowl CB Accused Of Making ‘Secret Adult Videos’ Without Consent And Sharing Them

Xavien Howard

Michael Owens/Getty Image


Dolphins CB Xavien Howard filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against in which he allegedly made secret sex videos and then shared them, according to TMZ.

Original Story:

Dolphins Pro-Bowl cornerback Xavien Howard is facing allegations involving the making and distribution of secret sex videos, according to Andy Slater of FoxSports640.

According to Howard’s attorney, Brad Sohn, these accusations hold no ground.

Sohn stated, “This lawsuit is a dead loser. Period, full stop. We will be seeking dismissal on legal several deficiencies on Monday but in terms of the substance of the case there is just no merit to it.”

In an unrelated incident earlier this year, according to Slater, a woman gained access to his premises and proceeded to damage his Bentley using a baseball bat. Law enforcement later apprehended the woman, leading to her arrest.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Howard has faced legal troubles involving women. Last year, he was sued by a woman who claimed he had transmitted a sexually transmitted disease to her. However, she has since withdrawn her lawsuit.

The unfolding legal drama surrounding Xavien Howard has left fans and followers shocked, while his attorney remains steadfast in their defense against the recent accusations.