Donovan McNabb Reveals Jalen Hurts Played At ’65-70%’ Because Of Shoulder Injury In Super Bowl

Jalen Hurts

Michael Owens/Getty Images

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb recently disclosed that he had a conversation with Jalen Hurts about his performance last season.

McNabb told Sports Illustrated that Hurts played through a significant shoulder injury, performing at only “around 65% to 70%.”

In the interview, McNabb shared insights into his conversation with Hurts, stating, “He’s wired differently. I asked him, like, Jalen, are you healthy? He’s like, ‘You know, bro.’ I’m like, ‘So you playing?’ He’s like, ‘What you think?’ He’s like, ‘Sometimes you gotta just do the job yourself.’ I told him ‘Good. Because if you wasn’t thinking that way, I was gonna call you soft.'”

Despite his shoulder problem, Hurts demonstrated incredible resilience, helping lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl, where he put on a remarkable performance.

Hurts had 304 passing yards, 70 rushing yards, and scored four total touchdowns, contributing to the offense’s 35-point output. However, despite their valiant effort, the Eagles ultimately fell short to the Kansas City Chiefs and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, with a final score of 38-35.

Hurts’ determination and ability to overcome adversity are qualities that continue to endear him to Eagles fans, making him a promising prospect for the franchise’s future.