Donovan Mitchell Accidentally Uploads Explicit Audio On Instagram Live While Inside The NBA Bubble

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Stephen A Smith was right.

Last month before NBA players went to the bubble in Orlando, Stephen A. went on a rant on how players were going to eventually “violate the bubble” because they couldn’t handle being without sex for more than a month.

Do we really think that the “recreational activities” are what these guys are accustomed to are going to be compromised for three months? I mean, somebody’s got to say it. You really think people are going to be without their wives or their woman?

The issue is you’re in Orlando and for the first month you got to be alone…I’m saying three weeks is a struggle.

I’m telling you they’re going to violate the bubble, you can book it.

Somehow, someway Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell appears to have been getting busy while inside the bubble this weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, Mitchell appears to have accidentally gone live on Instagram while either watching porn or having sex with someone while in his hotel room.

Of course, NBA Twitter had jokes about how Donovan Mitchell got a girl into his room when guests aren’t allowed inside the bubble for another few weeks.