DraftKings Makes March Madness Even Crazier With $25K Up For Grabs

It is the best week of the year. By the end of the weekend, 52 elimination basketball games will be played. It’s March. It’s Madness. It’s March Madness.

And DraftKings has the perfect supplement for your office bracket pool. We all know Becky from accounting is going to win that luckfest anyway.

The College Basketball $25K Buzzer Beater gives skilled fantasy sports players a chance to win big. With a $2,000 first-place prize and 1,920 places paid out, that chance is better than anyone playing Kentucky.

The daily one-day contests begin Thursday and run through Sunday.

It costs just $3 to enter and that fee is waived for first-time depositors.

Simply draft a team of college hoops stars under a set salary cap and hope they dance better than the rest.

It’s just another element to add to your weekend binge-watching.

Sign up now.