Drake And Kendrick Perkins Had To Be Separated After Heated Exchange On The Sideline During Game 1 Of Raptors-Cavs Series

by 5 months ago

Famed rapper and Toronto Raptors super fan Drake is known to talk trash to NBA players of opposing teams. Just last week, Drake was spotted talking a massive amount of shit to Wizards star John Wall as the Raptors crushed the Wiz.

Tonight, Drake tried to have a bit of fun with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers but Kendrick Perkins wasn’t having any of it. During the halftime break Perkins walked up to a mouthy Drake and had the two had to be separated after they exchanged words.

Drake doesn’t want any part of Kendrick Perkins. Perk is a monster that isn’t scared of going toe-to-toe with the biggest dudes in the NBA, he would eat Drake alive.

Update: Drake and Kendrick Perkins went at it again after the game was over.

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