Draymond Green Said He’s Tired Of Seeing WNBA Players Complain About Pay And People Were Instantly Mad At Him Over His Comments

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Draymond Green continued his criticism of how WNBA players are going about trying to get equal pay.

Over the weekend, Green received a bit of backlash when he suggested WNBA players stop complaining about pay and instead take action by putting pressure on corporations to give them money.

On Wednesday, Green doubled down on his comments about being tired of seeing WNBA players complain about lack of pay instead of taking steps to change their current situation.

“I’m really tired of seeing them complain about the lack of pay, because they’re doing themselves a disservice by just complaining,” he said Wednesday. “They’re not laying out steps that they can take to change that. It’s coming off as a complaint because the people that can change it are just going to continue to say, ‘Well, the revenue isn’t there. So if you don’t bring in the revenue, we can’t up your pay.’ They’re going to keep using that, but the reality is, as true as that is, it’s an excuse. Because everyone says, ‘We support women. We support women’s empowerment. We support women in the workplace. We do this for women. We do X for women. Blah, blah blah. And everyone uses it to their advantage, yet these women are not using these people who are saying these very things to their advantage.”

Of course, Draymond’s comments didn’t sit well with many on the Internet.

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