Drew Brees Names His 1 Concern For Another ‘Undersized’ QB Prospect

Drew Brees gives a radio interview.

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Drew Brees posted Hall of Fame numbers as an NFL quarterback despite being considered undersized. The gunslinger threw for more than 80,000 yards as a pro, leading the league in passing on seven different occasions.

Now, he’s giving his outlook on another smaller framed passing prospect.

Bryce Young enters this year’s draft as a likely first-round pick, and potential No. 1 overall selection. His 5′ 10″ height and 204-pound weight have made teams hesitant to go all in, though.

While Young was able to post ridiculous numbers at Alabama, throwing for over 8,300 yards and winning a Heisman, many doubt his ability to succeed at the next level.

His height leads scouts to believe he’ll have trouble finding open receivers downfield while his weight causes concern about his ability to absorb hits while staying healthy. He could quite possibly be the best pure passer in the class, but those measurables have led teams to view him with a cautious eye.

Drew Brees isn’t quite as concerned with Bryce Young’s height as many others are. That makes sense considering he stands just 6-foot tall. He does, however, have one major concern with the Crimson Tide star moving forward. Brees spoke on that in a recent interview.

While appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, Brees revealed that he, too, is worried about Young’s durability.

“The only thing I’d be concerned about is maybe durability. If he’s a little bit more slight in stature. Is that going to be an issue making your way through a 17-game season, and some of the abuse your body takes.”

He may have questions about the ability to take hits from NFL defenders, but he’s certainly not worried about the arm talent.

“Bottom line, you turn on the film with Bryce Young and the guy’s got talent. The guy makes plays, the guy throws with anticipation. He is a smart player; he knows where to go with the football.”

Bryce Young should hear his name called early in next month’s draft, and it will be interesting to see if Drew Brees’s concern rears its head in his rookie season.