Scouts Finally Reveal Bryce Young’s Real Height; General Manager: ‘Would Be Scared To Death Of Drafting Him’

Bryce Young

Justin Ford/Getty Images

After months of speculation, scouts have finally revealed what is believed to be the true height of highly-touted quarterback prospect Bryce Young, the likely 1st overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

While Young has officially been listed at 6’0″, but scouts have indicated to ESPN’s Todd McShay that he is actually under six feet tall, measuring in at 5’10½”.

“I love Bryce Young, I really do,” McShay says. “I know he’s 195 pounds; a really good friend of mine who’s a scout had him at 5’10½”. But I met with him, I’ve talked to him. He’s special. He’s different. He has the poise, the presence in the pocket, the playmaking, everything else you want. I absolutely love Bryce Young. I would bet on him.”

Despite the revelations, analysts have praised Young’s ability and have expressed confidence in his potential, according to Sports Illustrated.

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah said that had Young were 6’3, 220 pounds he would’ve compared him to recent 1st round quarterback picks, Bengals Joe Burrow and Jaguars Trevor Lawrence, and McShay has expressed his admiration for Young, proclaiming that he would “bet on him”.

“If Bryce Young was 6’3″, 220,” Jeremiah says, “I would be talking about him like I talked about Burrow and Lawrence.”

Concern Over Height

Todd McShay  noted that the prospect’s height could be a major concern for NFL teams.

He stated that if he were a general manager, he would be: “Scared to death of drafting him”.

While Young has demonstrated exceptional talent, his size may prove to be a major impediment as he seeks to compete at the highest level in the NFL.

Ultimately, it will be up to the scouts and general managers to decide whether Young’s potential outweighs his lack of size.