Drunk Ohio State Fan Makes Fool Of Himself At Buffalo Wild Wings, Pisses Off Girlfriend


This Ohio State fan had the time of his damn life on Monday night as the Buckeyes competed their improbable championship run. How do I know he had a good time? Because the whole town knows he had a good time.

Here he is hooting and hollering and carrying on during the game’s final moments.

He makes it abundantly clear Ohio State is winning its eighth national title, while Oregon has won a grand total of zero.

His girlfriend seems nonplussed by the situation but cannot get her man to sit down.

Undeterred by the pleas to take it easy, the excited fan then finishes strong by imitating the actions of Urban Meyer.

It is a performance for the ages — and one likely replicated this Sunday by passionate and overserved football fans across this fine nation.

[H/T: The Big Lead]