Allegedly Drunk Umpire Ejected After Trying To Fight Players And Flipping Off Fans (Video)

Allegedly Drunk Umpire Ejected From Game By Own Crew (Video)


  • An umpire was ejected from a baseball game in Mexico for allegedly taking the field while drunk
  • The man was ejected by his own crew after flipping off fans and trying to fight players
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With the notable exception of teenagers plucked from the stands at Little League games because the home plate umpire didn’t show up, no one is forced to officiate a sport. As a result, people in that line of work willingly subject themselves to the pressures that come with it.

Most fans have found themselves wondering if a ref showed up to their job drunk at some point or another because of a blown call, and I’m sure more than a few people who do it for a living have found themselves turning to a drink or five to deal with the abuse they’re routinely subjected to.

With that said, you normally want to wait until you’re off the clock before you start hitting the sauce as opposed to getting your drink on before you head out onto the playing surface. Unfortunately, it appears one umpire failed to exercise some restraint prior to a baseball game that was recently played in Mexico.

According to Bleacher Report, Humberto Sainz was tasked with overseeing a Mexican Pacific League contest but found himself ejected by his own crew under suspicion of being drunk. It’s not entirely clear how they determined he was in no state to be doing his job, but I have a feeling it might’ve had something to do with him flipping off fans and trying to fight players before he was ultimately escorted off the field.

Following the incident, Sainz issued an apology while regretting remorse for his actions (although he didn’t explicitly admit to drinking), saying:

“Dear fans, managers, journalists from the Mexican baseball league, and of course my wife and children. I am saddened and ashamed of my actions. It is clear I should not have made gestures or yell at players and fans of this most noble hobby.

I committed an act not only unworthy of me, but my colleagues and the Mexican league, who trusted me. I was not worthy of trust in this situation.”

He was also hit with an indefinite suspension as a result.

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