Dude Perfect Got Some Manchester City And Arsenal Players Together For A WORLD CLASS Soccer Trick Shot Vid

Dude Perfect EPL


So, it’s pretty abundantly clear the Dude Perfect guys have rattled off to perfection pretty much every possible trick shot imaginable when it comes to the four major American sports. But now, the dudes have taken their talents across the pond and linked up with some players from Manchester City and Arsenal – currently two of the top three teams in the Barclay’s Premier League table – for a soccer trick shot video that is nothing short of world class.

Among the EPL players making cameos with the dudes are Raheem Sterling, Mathieu Flamini, and Kevin De Bruyne. Can you say GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!?

Wow. Of all the videos Dude Perfect has done, this might be my favorite. Not just because I’m a soccer guy at heart, but because I couldn’t imagine how amazing it would be to actually get to play on the pitch at the Etihad or the Emirates. Regardless of your allegiance – obligatory “Go Blues!” – there’s no way hanging out with several EPL superstars like this for some hilarious lessons in free kicks and showboating wouldn’t be a dream come true.

Keep the videos coming, Dude Perfect! They only get better and better.

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