Duke Student Broadcasting Trolled UNC Fans With This ASPCA Parody And Damn, It’s Pretty Genius

Duke ASPCA parody of UNC


In a stunning moment of humility, all of us haters must stand and applaud one pretty hilarious effort from Duke Student Broadcasting, thanks to their extensive trolling of UNC hoops and its very saddened fans.

After all, the Blue Devils won their first meeting in mid-February, 74-73. So with bragging rights residing in Durham, what better way to troll fans of the Tar Heels just days before Round 2 than with an excellent ASPCA parody?

Just superbly done. And wow, how perfectly irritating and punchable is Jackson Steger? This troll job has it all and, really, there’s not a better face to represent the Blue Devils.

Some of the stills being used here are outstanding, but this is probably my favorite.

Duke ASPCA parody UNC


This wouldn’t be the first time Jackson Steger has taken this route. He pulled the following stunt before last month’s showdown, much like he’s doing for this weekend’s game.

Oh, those poor, innocent UNC students. So adorable, so helpless, so utterly lost.

[H/T @BleacherReport]