Dustin Poirier Calls Out Conor McGregor Over USADA Exemption Rumors

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

Conor McGregor has been adamant about fighting Michael Chandler in December despite the fact he hasn’t entered the USADA testing pool.

Now, Dustin Poirier calls out the UFC superstar as rumors spread that McGregor could be given an exemption by USADA.

According to MMA News, Poirier makes it clear that he likes the work USADA does for the UFC and other combat sports.

However, if McGregor is somehow able to skip the testing that’s typically required for all UFC fighters, then “it kind of just makes a joke of the whole thing.”

Here’s what Dustin Poirier had to say about the current Conor McGregor rumors.

“I like USADA, and I do think they’re doing a good job of cleaning up our sport. But, for me, if they waive [the six-month window] and allow him to compete with no drug testing, it kind of just makes a joke of the whole thing. Just remove it completely, you know? There shouldn’t be gray areas. It’s white and black with USADA. You take tests and pass them, you’re able to compete. You don’t take tests, you won’t be able to compete. There was never a gray area before.”

Poirier makes a good point there. Every fighter has followed the rules when it comes to testing with USADA. So, it’d be weird to see someone skip that process entirely. Even if it is Conor McGregor.

The last time McGregor fought was back in 2021 when he broke his ankle in the cage while facing off against Poirier. Since then, the superstar fighter has been recovering and attending pretty much every fun event under the sun.

He hasn’t been in the USADA testing pool during this time. However, the rule is that he must pass six months of testing before he’s eligible to fight again.

There has been no news of McGregor re-entering the testing pool. Which makes his claims about fighting Chandler in December a bit murky.

For that reason, Dustin Poirier wants to see Conor McGregor follow through with the same rules the entire UFC follows.

Poirier continues to comment on the situation, as he’s interested to see how it plays out.

“We’ll see what happens. I’m not s****** on the UFC, and I’m not s****** on USADA. I don’t want to accuse or say things about either company without them making an official decision yet. I don’t know what they’re going to do with Conor and the drug testing thing. But if they do allow him to compete without drug testing they’re making a whole joke of USADA.”

Here is the full interview with MMA News.

It’s hard to argue against Poirier’s statements. But as he says, we’ll have to see what happens.

Hopefully, an update comes to light soon, as December is quickly approaching.