Dutch Goalie Whiffs Completely, Blunder Leads To Horrendously Embarrassing Own-Goal Fail

by 4 years ago


Mickey van der Hart of the Go Ahead Eagles is going to live on in infamy from now on — the goalie didn’t have his finest performance of all-time today against Ajax, although perhaps it will end up his most notable. In the 87th minute of a tie game, van der Hart was set to receive a pass from teammate Wesley Verhoek except, well,  he wasn’t ready at all, apparently. He whiffed on that ball so hard that Charlie Brown would be ashamed — that ball resulted in an embarrassing own-goal score.

It should probably be noted that van der Hart is actually on loan from Ajax, too, which is sure to cause some controversy among doubters that a professional goalie would make such an egregious mistake. The Eagles went on to lose, 2-1.

More like Mickey van derp Hart, no?

Now, for comparison, here’s what well-executed soccer looks like, courtesy of the United States of America.