Ron Rivera Says There’s A ‘Cut-Off Point’ When It Comes To Dwayne Haskins Hinting At Possibly Benching QB

dwayne haskins benching ron rivera

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While expectations for the Washington Football Team weren’t necessarily high heading into the 2020 NFL season, with just how bad the NFC East has looked three weeks into the year, Washington’s chances are as good as any to come out on top when it’s all said and done.

Washington is tied with Dallas atop the division at 1-2 – again, the NFC East is a dumpster fire – and Dwayne Haskins hasn’t looked too great so far this season. The second-year quarterback is completing just 56% of his passes to go along with four touchdowns and three interceptions.

Coming off a lackluster performance in a loss to the Browns in which Haskins threw three picks, head coach Ron Rivera was asked whether or not there was a “cut-off point” when it comes to Haskins.

Without hesitation, River explained that yes, there is.

“Yes, there is. And you brought up the point, and it’s a very good point, that there are guys in that locker room that are playing well enough for us to win,” Rivera said. “And again, we have to make sure everyone is playing well enough for us to win at that point. And there is a cut-off point for me. There is.”

While Rivera could be playing the motivation card here in an attempt to get a bit more out of his quarterback, it’s a clear statement that Haskins’ seat could be getting warm and that benching the quarterback isn’t out of the question.

Washington has Kyle Allen and Alex Smith waiting in the wings if in fact Rivera elects to bench Haskins. Having said that, the more the NFC East continues to struggle the safer Haskins’ starting position likely is.

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