‘The Rock’ Says Feeling Is ‘Surreal’ After Collector Pays Absurd Amount Of Money For Another Of His Rare Miami Hurricanes Football Cards

Last month, a rare football card from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s college football playing days sold for $14K.

The card was a part of a Bumble Bee tuna company promotion back in 1994. The company produced a set of football cards featuring University of Miami players like Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley.

TMZ Sports speculated that the cards were a giveaway item at the 1994 Orange Bowl. Less than 50 of the sets are still in existence.

Back when Bumble Bee produced the limited edition set, absolutely no one could have forecasted that the most sought-after card in the bunch would belong to Dwayne Johnson.

Sure, The Rock had a great college career, but some of his teammates moved on to have NFL Hall of Fame careers.

Over the years, the cards have increased in value, with the latest selling back in December.

This past weekend, another card went up for auction on eBay, with the lucky winner forking over $45,000 for the 1994 Dwayne Johnson Bumble Bee trading card.

Here’s a photo of the card that Johnson posted to his Instagram account, along with his comments about the card’s sudden astronomical value.

“This story of how my UNIV of MIAMI football card’s value continues to rise has become so surreal to me,” Johnson wrote in the Instagram post.

“Playing in the @NFL was my dream and playing in the Super Bowl was my even bigger dream.

Of course, neither dream came true for me but years later… On SUPER BOWL Sunday my rookie card gets sold for 45K!!

Congrats to the winning bidder! I never made it as a player to the big dance, so this humbling irony is not lost on me one bit.”

There are a few more Dwayne Johnson Bumble Bee tuna cards on eBay as of this article’s writing. One of the cards is 9 mint, and the price starts at $39,000.


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