Dwight Howard’s 12-Year-Old Son Calls Him Out Again For Being A Deadbeat Dad, Shows How His Dad Ignores His IG DMs And Facetime Calls

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The Dwight Howard family saga is getting sadder by the day.

Earlier this week, Dwight’s 12-year-old son Braylon called out his dad for ignoring him and being a deadbeat dad in an Instagram video.

On Wednesday, Dwight addressed the situation with his son during an appearance on the Frank Ski radio show and denied that he was a deadbeat dad because he was a good “provider.”

“Unfortunately, I haven’t. It’s a lot of things that are going on, but it’s personal. I’d rather keep that side out.”

“No matter what is going on, I love my son. I would never disrespect his mom. One day, we’ll be able to get past this toxicity and realize that we’re living in a day now where they’re kill off a lot of our Black men. And I don’t want anything to ever happen to my son. He’s too precious. His voice is great. He has a great mind. He’s spiritually inclined and I don’t want none of his life being taken away by toxic behavior from anybody. I love him to death, he knows that. He’ll always know that. Braylon has had the best life he can possibly have. He’s gone to the best schools. I’ve been a provider for him. Anything that he’s ever needed or wanted, he’s always had. And I would never put him in a position like that. He is my firstborn son. He has my name and I will always take care of him. But I think it’s going to turn out great for all of us. We just have to be able to change our mindset, how we speak, how we act and how we treat each other. So instead of me responding out of hate, I’m going to keep responding out of love. It’s too much hate and negativity.”

After Dwight’s radio interview, Braylon went on to call out his dad again on Instagram by showing screenshots of how his dad ignores his Instagram DMs and facetime calls.

Dwight should just pick up the phone and have a conversation with his son to try and make things right with him.

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