Dwight Howard Reportedly Signed With The Sixers Because The Lakers Didn’t Call Him Back To Confirm Deal

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Something strange happened between Dwight Howard and the LA Lakers during the opening of free agency on Friday night.

At first, it appeared that Dwight was under the impression that he was going to re-sign with the Lakers when he tweeted this out.

Minutes after that tweet it was reported that Howard had signed with the Sixers.

According to Chris B.Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Howard had agreed to a deal concept that needed to get passed through ownership but after waiting for over an hour without clarification he decided to sign with the Sixers.

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However, sources within the organization are adamant that a formal offer was never made, maintaining that dialogue was merely a “deal concept.”

Howard thought if he agreed to the “deal concept” that it was a done deal, sources said.

He was forced to delete his tweet.

Lakers management informed Howard’s agent that they had to consult with team ownership and seek approval before making an official offer, sources said. Howard waited for nearly an hour without hearing back, sources said. Communication was strictly between the Lakers front office and Howard’s agent, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers were being ultra-aggressive in courting the big man led by new head of basketball operations Daryl Morey, who was the general manager of the Houston Rockets when Howard signed there in 2013. Having not heard from the Lakers, Howard decided to join the Sixers on a one-year, $2.6 million deal, sources said.

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