Dwyane Wade Reveals Surprising Details About Chasing Championships With The Heat Alongside LeBron James And Chris Bosh

dwyane wade heat championship runs not fun

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  • Dwyane Wade made a somewhat shocking admission about his championship runs with the Heat alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh.
  • Wade didn’t exactly enjoy himself despite all the winning those teams did.
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The cliche sayings of ‘you play to win the game’ and ‘winning heals all’ are cliche for a reason, because, for the most part, they’re true. However, while the act of winning is enjoyable, the journey getting there can be incredibly draining.

Just ask Dwyane Wade.

Wade made four straight NBA Finals runs from 2011-2014, but given the incredibly lofty expectations for that Miami Heat super-team, the journey wasn’t enjoyable for Wade.

“I also could look at those championship years, and I can look at the journey and say, ‘That s-it wasn’t fun,'” Wade told Insider.

Wade was a part of a three-headed monster in Miami all those years alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh. All eyes were on that Heat team and every fan and media member alike penciled them in to win multiple NBA titles. While that Miami team did, that work paid a toll on Wade.

“It’s not fun trying to accomplish something so great that everybody’s trying to stop you from having it,” Wade explained. “That’s not fun. So as much as a lot of moments were so fun, it was a lot of moments that was work, and it was a job, and it was tough mentally and physically.”

That Heat team certainly went through a lot together. Miami lost in the NBA Finals in 2011, then won back-to-back titles the next two years, before falling in the Finals to the Spurs in 2014.

While Wade may catch a bit of heat from fans for saying that the journey of playing in the NBA as a legitimate superstar wasn’t fun all the time, he makes some valid points.