AJ Brown Goes Viral For Going On IG Live After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

AJ Brown

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Although the offseason is nearing an end, it appears AJ Brown will miss a small amount of time after getting his wisdom teeth pulled.

Luckily, it’s not anything serious and the superstar wide receiver should be back in action for the Philadelphia Eagles relatively soon.

However, AJ Brown went viral on Thursday, as he hopped on Instagram Live after his surgery.

You can see he still has the cotton balls in his mouth while he talks about lord knows what on IG Live. Even teammate DeVonta Smith left a comment of all laughing emojis.

Here’s the video that made AJ Brown go viral.

The best part is Brown acknowledging Smith in the comments. He just continuously says “Smitty” over and over again. DeVonta Smith even appears to call AJ Brown, and from the sounds of it, he tells his teammate to get off of IG Live.

I’m just glad AJ Brown didn’t say or do anything too outlandish while he was on Instagram Live. If anything, it was just some harmless fun while he’s recovering from getting his wisdom teeth pulled.

But you can clearly tell Brown is still feeling the effects from his anesthesia.

The Eagles play their first preseason game Saturday, August 12 against the Baltimore Ravens. It’s hard to imagine Brown would even play in that game whether he had his wisdom teeth pulled or not.

It typically takes two weeks for your mouth to heal from getting your wisdom teeth pulled. So, AJ Brown will be back in action soon enough.

You’d think he would have gotten the surgery sooner, but hey, it’s not likely to effect his playtime in the regular season at all.