The Eagles’ Byron Maxwell Has To Be Concussed Or High, ‘Cause You Won’t Believe Who He Thinks Is The Best QB In The NFL

by 3 years ago
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles

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Before I even get into whom Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell believes is the best quarterback in the NFL right now, let’s just remember that:

  • The Eagles signed Maxwell to a monstrous $63 million deal earlier this year
  • Maxwell continues to get torched
  • The Eagles defense has given up a ridiculous 10 TD passes in the past two games alone and 25 on the season

OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s also remember that Philly has New England in their next game. The same New England that has Tom Brady, off a close/disappointing loss and who will be looking for blood against a shitty Eagles defense.

Now let’s add fuel to that Pats fire by seeing whom the oft-torched, overpaid Byron Maxwell said was his choice as the best quarterback in the NFL right now, via Fox Sports and John Clark of CSN Philly’s Twitter:


SAM BRADFORD?!?! SAM FUCKING BRADFORD!?!?! Dude, I’m all for supporting your teammates and shit, but this has just poked the Brady bear and will, no doubt, come back to haunt you. Congrats, you may just become the first cornerback in NFL history to allow 8 touchdown passes in one game, just watch.

[H/T Fox Sports]

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