Eagles Hit Colts Rookie QB Anthony Richardson At Practice, Leads To Multiple Fights

Anthony Richardson

Michael Hickey/Getty Image

Tensions ran high at a joint practice session between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts, culminating in two separate altercations that overshadowed the otherwise routine practice.

The incidents, which involved players from both teams, drew attention and raised questions about the atmosphere of the practice.

The initial scuffle was ignited when Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett apparently threw a hit at Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson while attempting to force a fumble.

According to Eagles reporter Eliot Shorr-Parks, the incident quickly escalated into a full-blown fight, involving players from both sides.

Among those drawn into the confrontation was Jalen Carter, the Eagles rookie first-round pick.

The report stated that Carter rushed toward the center of the disturbance and had to be restrained by others to prevent the situation from worsening. The involvement of a high-profile newcomer added intrigue to the already heated exchange.

As tensions simmered, another altercation erupted later in the practice. Eagles Pro-Bowl center Jason Kelce blindsided a Colts defender after a late hit on running back Kenneth Gainwell, according to reporter Jeff McLane.

While altercations are not uncommon in high-stakes training sessions, the back-to-back nature of these incidents raises concerns about sportsmanship and control on the field.

As the joint practice continues, both the Eagles and the Colts will undoubtedly address the confrontations internally.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the fine line between competitiveness and maintaining a professional and respectful environment during joint training sessions.