Eagles Long-Snapper Jon Dorenbos Is Still Doing Magic On ‘AGT’ Only Now He’s Reading The Judges’ Minds

The last time we checked in on Philadelphia Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos he was blowing the judges minds on America’s Got Talent with some crazy card tricks.

Well, guess what? Bro is so damn good at magic that he’s still on the show and this week he went and did a trick where he read the judge’ minds.

Dorenbos has been in the NFL since 2006, but at the rate he’s going here on AGT he might want to start thinking about hitting the road with a magic show.

When you can do a trick that makes Howie Mandel stand up and make this face…

…I think you might be on to something lucrative (that also involves a lot less physical pounding).

Just think, with mind-reading skills like that maybe Dorenbos can figure out just what the hell went wrong with these worst referee calls in NFL history…

Eh, maybe not. Some things in sports just simply defy explanation.