Philadelphia Eagles’ Jon Dorenbos Went On ‘America’s Got Talent’ And Blew Everyone’s Goddamn Mind With Magic

Jon Dorenbos has been the long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles since 2006, and is known by many as a successful NFL player. Something many people might not know about Jon is that when he’s not snapping balls in the NFC East he moonlights as a magician, and has world class card trick skills.

No stranger to appearing on camera in prime time, Jon Dorenbos decided that it was high time to take his magic skills mainstream and went on an episode of America’s Got Talent to showcase his hard work, and he proceeded to blow the judge’s goddamn minds.

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Even though I’m not a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles I’ve got mad respect for Jon Dorenbos, he didn’t have to do this, and I’m sure it was a but nerve-racking to go on one of the most popular TV shows in America and bust out his magic tricks. The fear of failure must’ve been strong, and the fear of getting ridiculed in the locker room and on the field by fellow NFL players must’ve been a whole lot stronger. But he went on America’s Got Talent, and he fuckin’ WOWED the AGT judges and crowd. Good on him for showing the world that he’s more than just a very successful long snapper in the NFL.

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