Eddie Alvarez Gives Praise To Conor McGregor, Reveals What Aspect Of McGregor’s Abilities He Wasn’t Prepared For

Conor McGregor made history on Saturday night by beating UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez to become the first ever man to hold two UFC titles at the same time. The 28-year-old Irishman beat Alvarez, a Philly-native, in the second round in front of a celebrity-studded Madison Square Garden crowd.

Following the lopsided fight, McGregor gave a swear-ridden interview gloating about his victory.

“Not one bit was surprising, they are not at my level.

They have got to have size, reach, length, you have got to have some attributes. If you come in any way equal to me I am going to rip your head off, it happens every time.”

McGregor, who nearly smashed a chair over Alvarez’s head at the pre-fight press conference, offered up a more humbling ode to his opponent.

“I knew he was tough,” he said when asked whether he was surprised the fight made it to the second round. “I was thinking ‘how many smacks could he take?’ But he’s tough. He’s a tough, tough dude and he’s fought all over the world, so I’ve nothing but respect for him.

”I know it’s probably a rough one on him and his team but he came, nothing but respect for him, we touched gloves pre-fight so… He’s a good man, good solid fighter, nothing but respect.

“But it’s my night tonight.”

After the fight, the 32-year-old Alvarez claimed he fought a “stupid fight” and regretted not wrestling enough with a guy who likes to box. He did give credit where credit’s due, claiming McGregor’s lightning speed was the cause of his second-round loss.

“It was more speed (that got me). The first time I was dropped, I remember being on my butt, and I was like, ‘Wow that was quick. Whatever that was, it was fast.’ I’ve been there before a lot of times in my career. I’ve been dropped. I don’t panic. I get my composure and get right back up. It was more – his speed and timing were very good.

It’s incredible (what McGregor has done). My hat’s off to him. He did a phenomenal job, and he continues to do an incredible job for MMA.”

At the end of the day, win or lose, both of them are a lot richer than they were before. At this point, I’d spend two rounds with Tyson for next month’s rent free.

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