Eagles Superfan EDP Is Less Than Pleased About Sam Bradford Being Traded To The Vikings In Exchange For A Draft Pick

While I hate the Eagles, I will always be thankful that they provided us with EDP. Guy truly is a gem in the mud that is YouTube. So, obviously, when news broke about the Eagles trading Sam Bradford to the Vikings, I was just counting the minutes until his reaction video hit the net.

And was I disappointed? No.

As a Giants fan, I’m all over this trade. I hope the Eagles suck. It’s one less team they need to worry about. However, I totally see where EDP is coming from here. They now have a backup who has just become the starting quarterback because the starting quarterback went to a different team. Not only has he not proved himself, he probably will fail in the role. That’s whole season right there and it hasn’t even started yet. Tough pill to swallow. Best remedy? Don’t swallow it. Just yell a lot and hope someone hears you.