Eli Apple’s IG Model Ex-GF Offering To Pay Fines For Any Player Who Injures Him

Eli Apple on the field

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Miami Dolphins cornerback Eli Apple is apparently having some baby mama drama.

Instagram model Destani, who has three different children by three other NFL players, is not happy with Apple.

According to Destani, their son needed a blood transfusion during the pregnancy, and Apple refused despite being a direct match.

Destani goes on to claim that Apple would send her nasty messages via DMs after the child was born.

An angry Destani has put out a bounty on Apple and is currently offering to pay fines for any player who injures him on the field.

“If you play against my baby dad this season please go for the knees, maybe a hammy”

“#33 for the Dolphins, I’ll gladly Zelle you back any fines”

h/t Daily Snark

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