SEC Coach Bites Back After Being Blasted For ‘Tone-Deaf’ NIL Comments

Eli Drinkwitz watches on from the sidelines at a Missouri football game.

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Eli Drinkwitz finds himself in hot water regarding his recent comments on NIL in college football. Those remarks, while taken out of context, have resulted in immediate backlash for the Missouri head coach.

He’s now defending his words to national media outlets, posting his entire quote online for the world to see.

The comments were actually made in response to a question about gambling as we’ve seen a number of college programs linked to recent investigations for potential involvement by players and coaches. Most notably in the SEC, Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon was fired in connection to suspicious activity at an Ohio sportsbook.

While answering that question, he mentioned that college athletes are making more money than ever before with the introduction of NIL. He compared those payments to the salary of his brother in-law, who happens to be a pediatrician. The comment has now been circulating online.

Those in the sports media have been quick to post reactions. They note that Drinkwitz, too, makes more money than his brother-in-law despite not saving any lives on the football field.

The responses have been flooding timelines.

Drinkwitz even received a recent extension despite having never posted a winning record at Missouri.

Others were quick to pile on with their responses.

While many were lambasting the coach, Drinkwitz would go on to defend his comments.

He posted a tweet from his personal Twitter account to inform social media users of his quote in its entirety.

“Full context of question and answer. I am no way complaining about player compensation! I’m FULLY SUPPORTIVE!! Always have been!” that message read.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done.