Eli Manning Hilariously Roasts Brother Peyton: ‘He’s A Terrible Coach, We All Know That’

eli manning tries to kiss peyton at the draft

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Because he started doing things like commercials and hosting Saturday Night Live while he was still an active player, everyone thought that Peyton Manning was the funny one in the family.

And it made sense!

Yes, I know. Eli Manning also hosted Saturday Night Live while he was playing for the Giants in 2012. He wasn’t nearly as funny and everyone pretty much chalked it up him just being boring.

Little did we know that Eli Manning would turn out to be, dare we say it, the funny one, utilizing his supposed “boringness” to his comedy advantage?

Because, let’s face it, at this particular point in time, he is almost always comedy gold.

A prime example of that was Eli Manning’s appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday.

While discussing the upcoming Pro Bowl where he and Peyton will be the coaches of the NFC and AFC respectively, Eli throws his older brother completely, and hilariously, under the bus.

“I expect the NFC to win,” Eli explained to Patrick. “Peyton’s a terrible coach. We all know that. Good player, bad coach, so I think we’re at a major advantage.”

“Tony Dungy said that Peyton would make a terrible coach because he would be so… but even an analyst, he said. He’ll drive you crazy,” Patrick responded.

“Yes, I agree,” Eli Manning replied back. “He drives me crazy.

“Trying to analyze film with him and the amount of, you know, voice memos he he leaves me and and everything going on. So I keep asking for the Cliff Notes of the of the memo. If you could send me that’d be a lot easier on me and save me a lot of time.

“But I think with with Peyton you know he was so good at seeing the plays and picking the perfect play and then running it and then running it well and executing it. I think if from the sideline, he wouldn’t be able to do all those things. He might be able to get to some good plays, but then if they don’t execute it, I think it’d be frustrating to him. I think it’d just be a very frustrating experience for him and I think that would come across to the players and that’s what I’m hoping happens this Sunday at the Pro Bowl as well.”

Eli Manning also told a great story about how he and some others with the New York Giants were trying to design one of their Super Bowl rings and wanted to make them something you can actually wear and not so big they “hurt your fingers,” as Eli puts it, when Michael Strahan showed up (45 minutes late) and put the kibosh on that idea.

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