UPDATE: ‘End Racism’ Replaced With ‘Play Football’ In NFL Endzones


Update: An NFL Spokesman has clarified that there have been no changes to the NFL social justice initiatives in the end zone during the regular season. “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism.” will still be featured in NFL endzones during the 2023-24 season

Statement from NFL Spokesman

There’s been no change from previous years. Beginning with the regular season, clubs will have in endzones stencils featuring “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism.”

“Play Football” was featured around the league for some preseason games as part of a league initiative.

Three years ago, the NFL introduced the ‘End Racism” slogan on NFL endzones but may be shifting away from social justice slogans on the football field.

In 2020, the NFL revealed that they would display “end racism” and “it takes all of us” in the end zones as part of their social justice initiative.

During Sunday’s Chiefs-Browns preseason game, fans noticed the “end racism” slogan was replaced with “play football” in the end zone.

Fans reacted sarcastically to “End Racism” being removed from NFL end zones.

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