Eric Clapton, One Of The Greatest Guitarists Ever, Just Reeled In THE LARGEST Salmon Caught In Iceland This Year

Eric Clapton’s one of the most famous musicians in the world and he’s one of the top 10 most talented guitarists to ever pick up a six string. As it turns out he’s also quite the accomplished angler, and he just reeled in what is being heralded as the largest salmon caught in Iceland in 2016. Measuring in at 108cm (42.5 inches or roughly 3.5-feet) the fishing guide who put Eric Clapton on his monstrous salmon wrote an extremely in-depth blog post detailing how it took Eric Clapton roughly 2.5 hours to reel in this once-in-a-lifetime fish:

This isn’t the first time Eric Clapton’s been salmon fishing in Iceland. Last year he did this interview on how inspired he is by the breathtaking river fishing for salmon in Iceland and it’s pretty cool to see him discuss this:


To begin with the salmon was quite in the pool but after it found out that something strange was happening the fish started to run down the river. Both the angler and the guide had to run fast down the river and it kept going for about 1 km after going through 4 pools. Two and a half hour later they manage to land that fish and it was measured 108 cm which is the biggest salmon this year.
Both the angler and the salmon were totally done after this fight but both the angler and the salmon recovered after few minutes. The picture on the right is showing Eric Clapton which was the angler with the fish and of course we congratulate him with this fantastic fish.

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Have you bros ever heard of it taking 2.5 hours to catch a salmon?!?!? Thirty minutes, sure, but I’ve reeled in Blue Marlin in Costa Rica that weighed hundreds of pounds in 2.5 hours and I did so on 30lb-test line…It took him 2.5 hours to reel in in a friggin’ salmon on what now?!?!

The dudes over at For The Win pulled some other fantastic excerpts from Eric Clapton’s Icelandic fishing adventure and I highly suggest you click on over and check it out! And if you’re wondering where salmon rank amongst the best tasting fish in the world just follow the link and check out my super scientific rankings:

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