The Kansas City Royals Celebrated With Fans Last Night, Eric Hosmer Bought Drinks For An Entire Bar


Peter Aiken/USA Today Sports

Royals fever is sweeping the nation. It’s an unstoppable force which will soon take over every American city outside of a 100-mile radius surrounding Baltimore.

The fever comes with many perks, such as exciting speed-based baseball and rooting for a plucky underdog. Oh, and free drinks for a select few closest to the movement’s epicenter.

That’s, like, the greatest thing that’s happened in Kansas City in 20 years.

Hosmer has been absolutely on fire during the playoffs, hitting .400 with two homers and four RBIs. Considering this was only the American League Division Series, I’m curious to see how big he’ll blow it out should the Royals reach and win the World Series.

If there’s one thing there’s never a shortage of, it’s people looking to drink for free.

[H/T: Eye on Baseball]