ESPN Announcer Kelly Stouffer Went On Strange Rant About Wanting To Mate His Dog With Boise State’s Tee-Fetching Dog

Boise State absolutely crushed Colorado State last night 56-28 but it appears that Kelly Stouffer’s commentary was much more entertaining than the game itself.

In the final minutes of the game, Stouffer went on a rant proclaiming that he wanted to have his “beautiful white lab” mate with Boise State’s tee-fetching dog. Kohl.

Can we get back to Cowboy Kohl for a minute. I have a white lab she’s beautiful, I think we can get something going here. That would be a beautiful combination if it indeed it could happen

Stouffer went on.

What was wrong with what I just said? I made a clean reference to two very lovely dogs…one is on one side and one is on the other, I’m just saying we can make something happen here…my dog retrieves too

And on.

I think Cowboy Kohl would really enjoy my dog Bear

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