ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky And Ryan Clark Blast Cowboys Players For Not Fighting Jon Bostic After Dirty Hit On Andy Dalton

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Cowboys players are beginning to take some flak over their response to Jon Bostic’s hit on Andy Dalton.

During Sunday’s Washington-Dallas game, Bostic was ejected for delivering a late helmet-to-helmet hit that knocked out the Cowboys QB from the game.

After the game, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was disappointed his players didn’t get in Bostic’s face for the hit on Dalton.

Former NFL players Dan Orlovsky and Ryan Clark agreed with McCarthy’s criticism and blasted Dalton’s teammates for not fighting Bostic on the field.

Dan Orlovsky: This was the most embarrassing moment for the Cowboys this season in a season filled with embarrassing moments. You can whoop me on the scoreboard because you’re better than me but you will not punk me. You will not punk my teammates. Do not tell me you have my back. Show me. Andy Dalton gets that hit and everybody just does nothing, like they should be attacking Jon Bostic, I would be coming off the sidelines as a backup quarterback if I saw my quarterback get hit like that.

Ryan Clark: All of the unwritten rules of being a football brother, they didn’t get that book. They didn’t have those conversations, they didn’t have those dinners that draw you closer to your teammate, that says no matter how football goes, I have your back.

There are are people who are going to say “you think they should have fought?” Hell yeah, they should have fought. Everybody should have gotten kicked out. As Bostic was walking out the whole entire Dallas Cowboys offense should have been walking out on the other sideline because you can’t let that happen to one of your teammates but that’s what losers do.