ESPN Forced Out Longtime SportsCenter Anchor Kenny Mayne After He Refused To Take 61 Percent Pay Cut

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We’re beginning to learn about the falling out between longtime SportsCenter anchor Kenny Mayne and the ‘Worldwide Leader In Sports.’

On Monday, Mayne announced that he was leaving ESPN after 27 years due to “salary cap” issues in a post on social media.

Mayne went on to speak with The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch and revealed that ESPN had asked him to take a 61 percent cut. The now-former SportsCenter anchor says when he refused ESPN’s offer to take less money he was quickly shown the door by the company.

Via The Athletic

“It was a significant pay cut. It was a big pay cut to do essentially the same job. It was a 14 percent reduction in time worked and a 61 percent reduction in money earned. I thought the variance was too much. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. It’s my choice to stay or not stay. It was still a good amount of money in the real world.”

“They said they understood that I would do it and, you know, it’s just business and things like that. They didn’t try to do a car deal with me. It wasn’t like, “What would you take?” It was, “Here’s your offer.” I turned it down, and we started the exit procedure.”

Hours after Mayne’s announcement, ESPN revealed that they had re-signed Chris Berman to a multi-year deal and fans of the network weren’t happy.

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