Let’s Be Honest, ESPN’s HORSE Tournament Fell Way, Way Short

by 3 months ago
espn horse competition


In an attempt to get people excited about sports in some form or fashion, ESPN announced last week that they would be hosting a HORSE tournament with several superstars over the weekend.

It turned out to that was a horrible, horrible idea.

I can’t lie, this had my adrenaline pumping and I praised the almighty for giving me some sort of sports to look forward to. Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, going up against a guy like CP3 in the comfort of his own home simply sounded phenomenal to me.

A ton of questions were running through my mind, would Chauncey have a good wine buzz going during all of this? Would Zach Lavine use his freakish athletic ability to jump over his entire family? But man, did this thing fall short.

I knew from the opening minute when the players were using FaceTime to shoot their shots that we were in trouble. It almost felt like the equipment used to broadcast the match was worse than the equipment I used to start my first 10 podcasts (which was pretty brutal). The Internet and picture was lagging big time, the audio was output from the athlete’s phone, and if anything it made me miss sports even more.

I have to tip my cap to ESPN and these athletes for at least giving this a try with the limited amount of resources they had. Let’s be honest though, I don’t think a single person that watched that didn’t crave the entertainment of real sports any more than they did last night.

I hope ESPN and others continue to find all types of ways to try and fill the void of not having sports anymore, as the bottom line is, we need sports more than ever. Let me save you the time and tell you to take a HARD pass on ESPN’s Horse Semifinals set to take place on Thursday night.