Scary Moment In Cuba When A Live ESPN Report Gets Interrupted By A Political Activist

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Today’s game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team ended with the Rays winning 4-1, ending the first MLB game in the embattled country since 1999, but it was a live report from ESPN’s Bob Ley that provided one of the thrilling moments.

During his broadcast, Ley was interrupted by a political activist, who calmly walked behind him and, eventually, had his 15 seconds of fame by being the lone person on camera before security took him away.

The on-air activist is proof that tension continues to be high between the United States and Cuba, even after President Barack Obama wrote an open letter for ESPN about the affect the exhibition game could have, per ESPN:

“It’s only the second time an MLB team has visited Cuba since 1959. And most importantly, it’s a symbol of the bonds between Americans and Cubans despite decades of isolation — a small step that shows that our nations can begin to move beyond the divisions of the past and look toward a future of greater connections and cooperation between our countries.”

With all that has happened in the world, where people can do crazy things in a matter of a split second, thankfully this was nothing more than just an activist ranting while on TV, because it could have been different—and Bob Ley’s initial reaction shows that.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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