Amazing Video Captures ESPN Sideline Reporter Fighting Through Duke Fans To Secure Postgame Interview

ESPN sideline reporter Tom Luginbill

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Football fans have become accustomed to the various interviews sideline reporters conduct with coaches during games, and while many viewers take those segments for granted, a clip featuring ESPN’s Tom Luginbill shows the amount of work that can go into tracking down their subjects.

Networks started deploying sideline reporters in the 1970s; ABC’s Jim Lampley is widely credited with being the first person to hold that particular position on a television broadcast, although he seems to think there’s no real reason the job should exist in the first place.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume plenty of the football coaches they interview feel the same way, as it’s not rare for the disdain to radiate through the screen when the head of a team trailing at halftime is forced to devote some of his time to providing generic answers to equally generic questions about what went wrong and how they plan to adjust.

With that said, those exchanges can lead to some pretty entertaining moments, as evidenced by the postgame interview where Deion Sanders served as Travis Hunter’s hype man after Colorado proved the haters and doubters wrong with a win over TCU to open up the season.

That wasn’t the only upset we were treated to in Week 1, as Duke also managed to stun the college football world with a 28-7 win over Clemson at home on Monday.

That victory gave the fans at Wallace Wade Stadium an excuse to storm the field, and while Luginbill did what he could to get himself into a prime position to track down Blue Devils head coach Bruce Elko when the game officially came to an end, he still had to throw his weight around a bit to make his way through the horde of jubilant spectators (and players) standing between him and the skipper.

What a pro.

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