ESPN’s Football Power Index Is Predicting A Super Bowl That Would Infuriate Most Fans

ESPN's FPI Is Predicting A Super Bowl That Would Infuriate Most Fans

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  • ESPN’s latest Super Bowl predictions will likely make most NFL fans angry.
  • You can probably guess which teams ESPN sees making it to the Super Bowl at this point of the year.
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There may be a long way to go in the NFL season as we’re only now getting prepared to enter Week 14, but it’s never too early to start predicting which two teams will square off in the Super Bowl.

While we all have our own opinions and guesses on which team will make a run in the playoffs and punch their tickets to the big game, ESPN actually has a system in place that uses actual statistics and numbers to come up with predictions.

The system is called the Football Power Index and has been a tool ESPN has used for quite some time now.

Ratings and projections are changed daily, but as of December 7, 2021, the FPI has predicted two teams to make it to the Super Bowl that will have a lot of football fans out there angry.

Yes, you guessed it, ESPN’s FPI has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots meeting in the Super Bowl. There’s a 10% chance we see the Pats and Bucs play for the Super Bowl.

While it may be interesting and entertaining to see Tom Brady square up against his former franchise in the Super Bowl, which could be his last ever, we’ve all been there and done this.

We’ve seen the Patriots in the Super Bowl far too many times over the last 20 years and we sure as hell have seen Brady hoist the Lombardi Trophy too often.